Wooden Hanger Making Machine

High Quality Wooden Hangers  will make your business look professional and elegant. Wooden hangers are a sign of luxury, and they display clothing in an appealing way.  Wooden hanger gives people closing to the nature, warm and elegant feel. Different texture of the wood gives people different feeling. The cost of wooden hanger is not high. And it is not bad to environment during the production and recycle.

Romiter provide full solution for wooden hanger making , include

  1. Automatic Wood Cutting Machine
  2. Four-Side Moulder Machine
  3. Automatic Wooden Hanger Tenon Making Machine
  4. Automatic Wood Hanger Shape Cutting Machine
  5. Automatic Pit Hole Making Machine
  6. Wooden Hanger Copying Machine
  7. Wooden Hanger Pieces Assembling Machine
  8. Hanger Hook Inserting Machine
  9. Hanger Hook Making Machine
  10. Round Wooden Bar Forming Machine
  11. Wooden Hanger Painting Machine
  12. Wooden Hanger Round Bar Assembling Machine

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Full Automatic Hanger Hook Making Machine

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Automatic Wooden Hanger Production Line

Full Automatic Wooden Hanger Making Line include Automatic Wood Cutting Machine Four-Side Moulder Ma
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