Spoke & Nipple Making Machine

A spoke is one of some number of rods radiating from the center of a wheel (the hub where the axle connects), connecting the hub with the round traction surface.

The term originally referred to portions of a log that had been split lengthwise into four or six sections. The radial members of a wagon wheel were made by carving a spoke (from a log) into their finished shape. A spokeshave is a tool originally developed for this purpose. Eventually, the term spoke was more commonly applied to the finished product of the wheelwright’s work, than to the materials he used.

Romiter provide full automatic bicycle spoke and motorcycle spoke making machine with fast speed.  We also provide spoke nipple making machine, which include steel wire cutting machine and spoke nipple forming machine.


Automatic Spoke Nipples Production Line

Automatic Spoke Nipples Production Line include spoke nipples rivet shape making and automatic spoke
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Automatic Bicycle & Motorcycle Butted Spokes Making Machine

Butted spokes are also called as reduced spokes. The middle diameter of spoke is small than two side
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High Speed Short Motorcycle Spoke Making Machine

High Speed Short Spoke Making Machine is used for making short length spoke, which is short than 180
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Spoke Nipple Making Machine

Full Automatic Spoke Nipple Making Machine

Spoke Nipple Making Machine include two parts spoke nipple shape pre-making machine and spoke nipple
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Full Automatic Spoke Making Machine

Full Automatic Spoke Making Machine is used to make bicycle spoke automatically. It complete the fol
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