High Speed HRMY Coffee Capsules Filling Sealing Machine



HRML-1R High Speed Coffee Capsules Filling Sealing Machine is used to pack nespresso compatible capsules. It adopt advanced design, which reach 50pcs/minutes capacity.  This new design high speed packing machine is used for kcups, dolce gusto, lavazza blue capsules filling and sealing application.

Advantage Feature of High Speed Coffee Capsules Filling Sealing Machine

  1. Servo motor drive in whole Romiter machine. which make sure accurate powder filling. Servo motor Auger filler with PLC control, filling volume can be adjusted in the touchscreen
  2. Automatic vacuum transfer feeding system with permanent Nitrogen level.
  3. Stainless steel AISI 304 construction include frame and electrical box. The whole machine stainless steel frame; Organic glass; Four columns mould structure; Fixed castor and mobile pulley.
  4. All electronics parts: PLC, Touch screen, Servo motor, Temperature—“OMRON” Japan.
  5. All pneumatic components: “SMC” Japan (Standard configured with Airtac from Taiwan)
  6. All electrical parts and components: “Schneider” France.
  7. Sensors to detect no capsules no lids machine stop.
  8. High efficacy Nitrogen flushing device, to keep more than 97% Nitrogen in finished capsules.
  9. Photoelectric detection the location of cup storage , If the cup storage is not enough, machine will alarm to feed Kcup. and machine will automatic stop without K cup, and Photoelectric detect the filter, if three times of continuous without filter, machine will stop automatic.
  10. Photoelectric detect filter , If the  three times no filter drop down, machine will alarm to feed Filter, and machine will automatic stop without filter. without Kcup, will not drop filter. the detection for filter insert, without filter, will not filling coffee, and after sealing will be rejected.
  11. Coffee servo screw filling, the filling volume can be adjusted on Touch screen, no cup no filling, lack of coffee in hopper, vacuum feeder automatically open.
  12. Automatic vacuum suck lids, No cup no Lids suck. Lids suck fault automatic stop.


Main Working Process of High Speed Coffee Capsules Filling Sealing Machine

  1. Special Loading Lanes for Cups and Filter
  2. Automatic drop empty kcup to machine
  3. Automatic detect whether Kcup well loated on the machine by sensor.
  4. Auto Feed the fitler onto the conveyor belt of the machine ( upon right filter required)
  5. Auto sorting function to push the filter proper inside the Kcup
  6. Servo motor to fill coffee while vibrating, weight around 5-20g ( can be adjust)
  7. Auto suck Foil Lids.
  8. Auto detect whether the foil lids is ready by Sensor
  9. Auto Sea
  10. Automatic mechanical grasp the finished product to conveyor ( connect to the conveyor) (optional)


Specification of High Speed Round Cover Coffee Capsules Filling Sealing Machine

Model HRMY-1R
Speed 3000cups/hour (50pcs/min)
Working Station single lanes
Filling Range 0-20grams
Filling Accuracy ±1.5%
Voltage Customized available
Compressed Air ≥0.8Mpa/0.1m²
Working Temperature 5-35°C
Relative Humidity ≤85%
Dimension L5000mm* W1000mm* H2600mm


Working Video of High Speed Rotary Nespresso Capsules Filling Sealing Machine

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