Date:January 23, 2015

Chili Powder Production Line


1. Lift Conveyor for Chili Power Production Line

Diemension: (L*W) 6m *0.6m

Height: 1.7m-2.5m (adjustable/movable)

Power: 1.5kW; 3kw /380V ( can be customized)

Material: angle steel and steel tube; belt is made of PVC material; trough/groove type conveyer 

2. Chili Dry Washing Cleaning Machine for Chili Powder Production Line

During chili powder processing, Clean the raw chili or pepper material is necessary

There are two ways to clean chilies,wet wash and dry wash, but in order to make sure the dryness of chili for the following chili power crusher and grinder processing. we equipped the best solution: Chili Dry Washing Cleaning Machine


Features: Output: 200-1000kg/h

Power: 3kW    Weight of machine: around 600kg

Work Theories and Usage:

There is rotary drum (inlaying acrylic brushes) installed in the machine. The light dust will be brushed away and discharge from the upside outlet and the heavy impurities will fall to the two bottom outlets

3. Chili Crusher for Chili Powder Production Line

Before send the pepper to the chili powder grinder, we need to crush the chili into small size first. this will increase the chili power grinder output. The chili crusher will crush the chili into 8-12mm size chili. 


Motor: 11-22kw; Voltage: 380v/50Hz

Output: 1-5ton per hour


4. Chili Buffer Silo for Chili Powder Production Line

After chli crusher processing, we will store the crushed chili in chili buffer silo, and through this chili buffer silo. We can feed the crushed chili into the chili powder grinder for the following processing


Chili silo weight: around150kg

Volume: 500m3

Motor: 3kW

Auger motor: 1.5kw


5. Chili Powder Grinder

Chili Powder Grinder is our patent chili processing machine for making

chili power. Our product has exported to India, Siri Lanka, Mexico and

Chili and get very good feedback

Main Technical Parameters

1. Output: can be designed according customer's requirement

2. The voltage: customized according to requirment

Advantage Feature:

  1. High efficiency with lower power consumption: chili powder grinder can grind the chili material into 30 meshes to 80 meshes. Romiter chili powder grinder machine is special design for chili powder grinding and peppers powder grinding. Romiter chili powder grinder machine is equipped with four rollers instead of two rollers. This design makes our chili powder high efficient and low power cost, bcircumstances, its output is 2 times more than other general mill machine.
  2. Special design round sieve: chili power grinder round sieve is built in the main body, which is two times longer than normal sieve. So, Romiter chili powder grinder round sieve can avoid the block problem during runing.
  3. Reasonable design:  chili powder grinder round sieve is equipped on sieve frame. It is very easy for customer change the sieve to get different mesh chili powder.
  4. Full automatic: Romiter chili powder grinder has high degree automation with low running cost. This design will help factory to save a lot of labor cost.
  5. Adjustable roller gap:  Romiter chili powder grinder two pairs roller can be adjusted according to customer's requirement. this make sure the output of the full chili powder produciton line

6. Dust Collect for Chili Powder Production Line

During the chili powder grinder process, there will have many micro chili power, which will not fall ,becasue chili power size is too small. and chili powder is special spicy , it will many the worker feel terrible. So we equipped Dust collector to collector these micro chili powder , so we can get more quantity power and get very good working enviroment.


Output: chili powder 0.1-0.3t/h

Outline dimension:  2200×1200×3000mm

7. Chili Power Grinding Roller Drawing Machine

Chili Grinder Roller Teeth Drawing Machine is an auxiliary equipment for the flour/powder mills. It is mainly used to make the roller as teeth shape, so the chili grinder roller can be used for more times. This machine adopts hydraulic transmission, which is stable running, simple structure and easy operation.