Brush Roller Type Potato Washing Peeling Machine


Brush Roller Type Potato Washing Peeling Machine is used for cleaning,washing and peeling stem, root vegetables and fruits. Such as potatos, carrot, sweet potato, ginger, radish, taro, kiwi fruit , cassava , root-stock materials , Areca Seed, Betel nutt etc.


Function of Potato Carrot Peeling Washing Cleaning machine


  1. Whole machine are made of 304 stainless steel
  2. Potato peeling machine combined cleaning,washing,peeling.
  3. Large volume, High efficiency, steady work, low waste.
  4. Potato peeling machine adopts brush principle peeling rate above 98%


Feature of Potato Carrot Peeling Washing Cleaning machine


  1. Large capacity with high ratio potatoes peeling machine with two functions of peeling and washing. The peeling machines mainly composed of motor, speed changer, 8 to 15 porcupine roller.It adopts brushing principle.It can brush the goods in a short time as well as low breaking rate.
  2. It is suitable for root vegetable and fruits, such as potato, sweet potato, radish, carrot, cassava, apple, kiwi fruit ,stem, sweet potato, ginger, radish, taro, root-stock materials , Areca Seed, Betel nut etc The machine applies to vegetable processing plant, fruit processing factory, restaurant etc..
  3. The machine can continuously peel and wash. It can save water than before and without pollution.The machine is features of perfect appearance ,easy operation, high efficiency and low breaking rate and high peeling ratioIt is made up of stainless steel with long service life and durable structure.


Specification of Brush Roller Type Potato Washing and Peeling Machine

Model Power Capacity Dimension
RM-P800 1.1kw 800kg/h 1600*730*840mm
RM-P1000 1.1kw 1000kg/h 1800*950*950mm
RM-P1200 1.5kw 1200kg/h 2200*950*950mm
RM-P1500 2.2kw 1500kg/h 2550*1000*950mm
RM-P1800 3kw 1800kg/h 2550*840*900mm
RM-P2000 3kw 2000kg/h 2900*840*900mm
RM-P3000 4kw 3000kg/h 2950*950*860mm
RM-P4000 4kw 4000kg/h 2950*1285*1150mm


Working Video of Potato Washing Peeling Machine


Company Profile

Adhering to the principle of managing scientifically and honesty and credit,our factory has passed ISO9001-2000 quality system certification. Now, Our factory can provide potato dry cleaning machine, potato washing machine, potato peeling machine, potato sticks cutting machine, potato grader, potato chips production line, potato starch production line, potato mesh bag packing machine, potato dosing packing machine.

Our potato processing products have passed with CE,ISO and SGS Certificates and has been widely sold all over the world.


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