Big Size Fruit and Vegetable Peeling Machine for Sale


Big Size Fruit and Vegetable Peeling Machine is used to peel Pineapple, Mango, Pumpkin, Pomelo, Watermelon, Turnip, White Gourd, Papaya and other fruit and vegetable. It is with high peeling rate. This fruit peeling machine has been widely used in fruit and vegetable processing line.


Advantage Feature of Romiter Fruit Peeling Machine

This machine can figure out fruit height and diameter automatically, so it adopts well to irregular-shaped fruits.Paring knives can automatically track changes in fruit shape and thus causing little fruit damage.The main material of the whole machine frame is high quality stainless steel,wholly computer-controlled,PLC and other electronic components are products of Japan Omron.This product has won European CE certificate. It is essential for fruit and vegetable processing.

Structure and Principle

The equipment is consist of many parts,including outer shell, body frame,fruit bases, fruit passing fork,conveyor, fruit setting bases,main motor,paring knife,end cutter,coring knife, PLC touch screen and other parts. It is able to peel, cut ends, remove core and slice at the same time or separately. It fits fruit diameter and height automatically and the peeling thickness is adjustable.

Firstly,choose fruits according to diameters, eliminate super high, super soft and super smallfruits, sample 1-3 fruit ready to peel, then start the equipment to determine the thickness of peeling and ends cutting. Regulate all the actuators, set up actions and parameters. Put fruit one by one, right into the fruit bases,then they can be peeled,cut ends,cored. Finally fruit pulp, skin, end skin and cores go out from three separate holes.

Specification of Big Size Fruit and Vegetable Peeling Machine

Model RM-LFVP6


300-500 pcs/h

Weight 170kg



Fruit & Vegetable Diameter Range 80-250mm

Fruit & Vegetable Height


Substitute Worker Number

11 person

Skin thickness:



Stainless Steel Made


Working Video of Big Size Fruit and Vegetable Peeling Machine

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