Automatic Steel Wire Nylon Coating Machine for Sale


Automatic Steel Wire Nylon Coating Machine is used to coat nylon on steel wire or fiber wire to make different product. It is suitable for carbon steel wire, galvanized wire, cotton wire etc.


Nylon coated wire is made of superior steel wire, Nylon material and environmental products that are developed by advanced technology. It has many characters, such as lustrous, thin and even nylon coated surface, brilliant layer, strong adhesion, abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. Central steel is hard and is easy to shape. It is uneasy to be deformed and is better than normal paint steel. The main packing way of nylon coated is roll, in this way, it is convenient to be used in automatic forming machine and binding machine. Paint-coat material, which is environmental and innocuous, becomes necessity for album, calendar and loose-leaf notebook. Our Nylon coated wire also finds its way in applying to colorful pin and bra buckle.

Automatic-High-Speed-PET-Wire-Coating-Machine-Line-for-Sale Automatic-PET-Wire-Coating-Machine-Coated-Product-and-Wire-Collection-Device





Working Prcess Introduction

Wire Discharge Device-Straightening-Washing Cleaning-Drying-Heating-Coating-Water Cooling-Air Cooling-Wire Collection

Speed: 80-200m/min adjustable

Item Name Specification Power Qty
1 Plastic Coating Machine Extruder Parts Include Motor, Governor, Screwing Feeding Head, Temperature Control System, Heating System, Variable Freqency Control Deivce and Control Cabinet 18.5KW 1
2 Wire Collection Device Variable Freqency Control 3.7KW 1
3 Water Cooling Parts Stainless Steel SUS201、3660*185*110mm 1
4 Water Cleaning Parts Stainless Steel SUS201、6100*185*110mm 3KW 1
5 Wire Heating Device 1
6 Water Circulation Pump 250W 2
7 Wire Discharge Device 3.7KW 1
8 Tension Device 1
9 Straightening Device Roller Type 2
Installation Dimension 22000*2500*2000mm


Specification of PET/Nylon Wire Coating Line

  1. Speed: 80-200m/min(according to different wire diameter and coat thickness)
  2. L*W*H=25m*2.5m*1.5m
  3. Power: Start Power: 30kw, Working Power: 20kw
  4. For 1.8mm wire, One ton PET or Nylon can coat 16-17ton wire

Working Video of PET Wire Coating Machine


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