Automatic Shrimp Chips Production Line for Sale

Shrimp Chips Production Line is used for making prawn crackers, shrimp crackers, prawn slices,etc. Shrimp chips production line is composed of mixer, extrude, shaping machine and cutting machine. It can make shrimp crackers, prawn crackers made from corn starch, shrimp oil, shrimp powder, shrimp sauces and more.

Feature of Prawn Crackers Making Machine

1.Multi-function: The thickness of the shrimp plate produced in shrimp production line can be adjusted according to different requirements.
2.Low energy consumption: All machines on the production line consume less energy and the production line can match each machine according to the customer’s production needs.
3.Low investment: The price of the machine is suitable, and the maintenance cost of the machine is lower.
4.The prawn crackers making machine price is suitable, which can save cost for the businessman.
5.We are the professional shrimp crackers making machine manufacturer from China, so we can promise the quality of the machine.


Advantage of Shrimp Crackers Making Equipment

  1. Mixer Machine: This mixing machine is used to mix the raw material for making prawn crackers, including corn starch(Tapioca), shrimp oil, shrimp powder, shrimp sauces and more.
  2. Extruder Machine: This extruding machine has the function of curing the mixed raw material. Through screw rotation, extrusion to produce energy to cure the mixed raw material.
  3. Shaping Machine: The shaping machine can produce different specifications shrimp rods
  4. Cutting Machine: The thickness of shrimp slice can be adjusted according to customer demand,fast feeder speed is to cut out thick prawn crackers, while lower feeder speed can cut the prawn crackers into thin ones.

Specification of Shrimp Chips Production Line

Mixing machine Power: 3.0KW
Capacity: 30kg/time/10min
Size: L750*W810*H950mm
Extruder Power:18.5KW
Cylinder Dia.: 100mm
Size: L1850*W810*H1950mm
Re-extruding and shaping part Power:4KW
Mold size: can be adjustable
Cutting machine Power:3.55KW
Size: L1050*W610*H750mm

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