Automatic Shrimp Chips Cutting Machine

Prawn chips cutting machine is special matching equipment with curing machine and extruding machine. Before using slicer, first check the bolt looseness of each part, the blade is sharp or not, can produce slices after making sure no problem. Every time before slicing, put some oil on the blade. The thickness of shrimp chips can be adjusted according to customer demand, fast feeder speed is to cut out thick prawn crackers, while lower feeder speed can cut the prawn crackers into thin ones.


Features of Prawn Crackers Slicing Machine:
1.High Quality: This machine is made of high quality stainless steel, which conforms to the national standard.
2.Low investment: The price of the machine is suitable. The high quality of the machine greatly reduces the high maintenance cost in the later period.
3.Wide application: The thickness of shrimp chips can be adjusted according to customer demand.
4.The shrimp chips slicing machine price is suitable, which can save cost for the businessman.
5.We are the professional shrimp chips slicing machines manufacturer from China, so we can promise the quality of the machine.
1.Bearing of the machine should be added to engine oil on time.
2.Check machine once a day during work, check the machine bolt is loose, whether the oil seal leakage.
3.After completion of each work downtime on the cylinder and the screw must be scrap clean.