Automatic Fresh Shrimp Skin Peeling Machine for Sale


Automatic Fresh Shrimp Skin Peeling Machine is used to peel the skin of fresh shrimp. This shrimp peeling machine is made by 304 stainless steel material and all the parts or material can satisfy health production requirements. This shrimp peeling machine save a lot of worker labor and improve the production efficiency, which is suitable for processing of large quantities of shrimp.


The system design novel, compact design, reasonable structure, with minimal equipment covers an area of maxim processing production, improve the utilization rate of the plant.

The equipment is a high degree automation, accurate control by touch screen and PLC, industrial computer, open architecture design, health, easy to clean, simple operation and maintenance, is the ideal equipment of modern large and medium-sized shrimp food processing enterprise.

According to production needs to open different sets of sheller, no longer due to insufficient production peak season to hire, and off-season was inadequate and the worry, make production plan to arrange more flexible.

In the process of the automatic production line for shrimp shell shell greatly reduce the number of contact people with food, also shortened the processing time of a shrimp, more conductive to shrimp preservation and food safety.

Automatic-Fresh-Shrimp-Skin-Peeling-Machine  Automatic-Fresh-Shrimp-Processing-Machine

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