Automatic Coconut Peeling Machine


This machine is a professional for shelling coconut, it through roller cutter to get rid of coconut outside hard shell, and then can get coconut meat. Machine is easy to operate, but need take care and protect yourself during using this machine.



Structure Introduction

  1. This machine is includes machine shelf, rotation axis, control system, drive device, cylinder stator, peeling blades and trimming blades, etc.
  2. The blades are made of high-speed steel, which is more durable.
  3. Put the coconut on the rotation axis, then press the starting button, peeling blade and trimming blade will begin to work to remove the skin of coconut and trim the top of the coconut, after that stop the motor and take out coconut. Finally you just need to cut the bottom of coconut it will be good enough.



Advantage Feature of Green Coconut Trimming Machine

  1. Good material- stainless steel 304 ,excellent quality
  2. High reliability, strong adaptability
  3. Height can adjust ,suitable for different coconut size in range
  4. Efficient work to save labor:500-600 pcs/h
  5. Good appearance and attractive product shape
  6. With cover to largest protect the coconut
  7. Convenient drive method: electric
  8. Low noise
  9. Favourable price


Specification of Coconut Peeling Machine

Name Fresh Coconut Peeling Machine 
Capacity 500-700pcs/h
Power 0.75kw
Size(L*W*H)  335* 490*910mm
Blades quantity 1 piece of peeling blade and 1 piece of trimming blade.
Suitable Coconut Size Diameter 100-230mm, height100-300mm
Weight 68kg


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