Automatic Block Type Material Dosing Packing Machine


Block Type Material Dosing Packing is used for coal briquette dosing packing, ore dosing packing, potato dosing packing, apply dosing packing, orange dosing packing, onion dosing packing. (For food dosing packing, we adopt stainless steel material and for coal and ore, we use carbon steel material)


Precision +/-2-3 charcoal weight. 0.5%-1% (depend on actual charcoal weight)
Packing speed per hour 150-220bags
Weighing scale 25KG (can be customized by actual weight request)
Power Supply 220Va.c and 4N-380Va.c,50Hz
Power Dissipation 2.5kw
Request Compressed Air 0.4MPa~0.6MPa
Compressed Air Consume 0.3m3  per hour
Dimension 2650*1350*2150

How to Operate

Manual bag placing–>Auto filling–>Auto weighing–>Auto bag discharge–>Auto bag conveyor–> Bag sewed –>Next round

High Quality Component

NO. Parts Type Brand Made In
1 Load Cell MTB100*2 Mettler-Toledo USA
2 Cylinder ST /CB AirTac TAIWAN
3 Magnetic valve MV220-4E1 AirTac TAIWAN
4 F.R.L Combination AC/2000’ SHAKO TAIWAN
5 Weighing Controller DCS BEDO CHINA
7 AC Contactor LC1E1201CC5N Schneider FRANCE
8 Air Switch OSMC32N3D10 Schneider FRANCE
9 Inverter 1.5kW Simens GERMANY


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