Automatic Shrimp Chips Curing And Extruding Machine

Introduction of Shrimp Chips Curing And Extruder Machine: 1.This automatic shrimp chips curing machine is suitable for producing in all shapes. It is widely used to produce different shapes of wheat pellets, flower, pipe, screw, pasta etc. 2.This shrimp chips extruder machine(molding
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Automatic Shrimp Chips Cutting Machine

Prawn chips cutting machine is special matching equipment with curing machine and extruding machine. Before using slicer, first check the bolt looseness of each part, the blade is sharp or not, can produce slices after making sure no problem. Every time before slicing, put some oil on
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Automatic Shrimp Chips Production Line for Sale

Shrimp Chips Production Line is used for making prawn crackers, shrimp crackers, prawn slices,etc. Shrimp chips production line is composed of mixer, extrude, shaping machine and cutting machine. It can make shrimp crackers, prawn crackers made from corn starch, shrimp oil, shrimp pow
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Small Shrimp Shell and Meat Separating Machine

Small Shrimp Shell and Meat Separating Machine is used to separate shrimp meat from shrimp shell. Machine have High productivity but low time and energy consumption. The food touching places are adopted high-quality stainless steel 304. How to Process Shrimp Shell and Meat Separating
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Automatic Shrimp Grading Sorting Machine for Sale

Automatic Shrimp Grading Sorting Machine is used to grading fresh shrimp into different size. It is made up of three parts, include primary conveyor , secondary conveyor and screen roller.  Shrimp Grading Sorting Machine lifts the shrimp to the secondary lifting belt through the prima
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Automatic Fresh Shrimp Skin Peeling Machine for Sale

Automatic Fresh Shrimp Skin Peeling Machine is used to peel the skin of fresh shrimp. This shrimp peeling machine is made by 304 stainless steel material and all the parts or material can satisfy health production requirements. This shrimp peeling machine save a lot of worker labor an
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Automatic Frozen Meat Cube Cutting Machine

Automatic Frozen Meat Cube Cutting Machine is suitable for cut middle and small animal bone, fresh meat, frozen chicken meat, frozen fish and other product.  It has been widely used in small hotel, school, small and medium food processing factory, slaughterhouse, meat processing facto
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Hydraulic Type Sausage Filling Making Machine

Hydraulic Type Sausage Filling Making Machine is the necessary equipment for process sausage product. It can fill big, medium, and small size sausage, it’s suitable for filling animal casing, collagen casing, and plastic casing. It’s specially have good filling effect in drier stuffin
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Automatic Pneumatic Sausage Stuffing Making Machine

Automatic Sausage Stuffing Making Machine adopts international advanced technology, using compressed air as the power. Micro-computer controlled which can fill in succession and be equipped with automatic casing knot tying device that suitable for animal casing, protein sausage casing
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