Block Dosing Packing Machine

Auto Dosing Packing Machine is used to weight block shape material for bag packing. It can be used for coal briquette weighting packing, ore weighting packing, onion weighting packing, potato weighting packing, apply weighting packing, orange weighting packing and other similar material packing.


This kind of block type material dosing packaging equipment is special design. It has some preventive mechanism: anti-jam, anti-shock, anti-stopper, which offers user easy-operation, easy-assembling, easy-maintenance and excellent stability. And total-solution in a compact structure, need very small space ro fix. Choose dual-hopper, which enhance the scale packing speed from normal 300 bag/hour to 600 bags/hour, and not increase any operators.

Coal Bag Packing


Fruit Mesh Bag Packing



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Automatic Block Type Material Dosing Packing Machine

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